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It's time that you found the Jeep SUVs near Acton that you have been searching for! With a selection of new and pre-owned Jeep SUVs ready for you to choose from and a team who are eager to help guide you through them, Milton Chrysler is your best bet to start, and hopefully end, your Jeep buying journey! We promise world class customer service, an unbeatable selection, and prices you'll have to see to believe!

We have been serving this community for over 50 years, and it is only thanks to you all that we have been able to do what we love for so long. So, if we seem like your kind of dealership, come and visit us at  81 Ontario St N, in Milton, ON, or you can give us a call at 877-867-3701 to book an appointment or a test drive! We can't wait to get started!


We're Number One

Milton Chrysler is proud to be the #1 Ram dealer in Milton.


Over 50 Years of Service

We've served Milton and the surrounding communities for more than 50 years.


Dedicated to You

You can find our commitment to your satisfaction in every department.

Why Choose Milton Chrysler

Milton Chrysler - Pick Whichever Jeep SUVs You Want!

Pick Whichever Jeep SUVs You Want!

With a selection like ours, the Jeep SUV near Acton that you've been hunting for is at hand. We are constantly updating and growing our selection of new and used vehicles, add to that the fact that we have the trained staff ready to walk you through each one, and you won't believe how easy it is to find exactly what you're looking for!

Milton Chrysler - Let's Make a Plan

Let's Make a Plan

In our Financing Department, we aren't looking to chain anyone to an impossible debt. We want you to get the money you need for the vehicle you deserve at a pragmatic rate that works for you. That starts with a comprehensive lending plan crafted by you and one of our expert finance experts. Come and see us today!

Milton Chrysler - Regular Checkups near Acton are Important!

Regular Checkups near Acton are Important!

Just like a human, your car is at its best with regular check ups from a skilled professional. There is nothing better for your car's longevity than regularly scheduled tune ups at a qualified service center like the one we have here at Milton Chrysler. We know how to keep your vehicle running, and for longer!

Milton Chrysler - Let's Get You a Jeep!

Let's Get You a Jeep!

Here at Milton Chrysler, we are all about that next level service! From start to finish, we are proud to be the very best place to come and find the Jeep SUVs near Acton that you have been looking for. Come and see what a difference expertise and a world class selection of vehicles can make to your car buying experience!

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